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Chivay Arequipa Peru

Everything you need to know about Chivay Arequipa Peru

Are you ready to explore one of the most beautiful villages in the Colca Valley? Discover all you can find in Chivay Arequipa Peru and enjoy your visit to this charming village hide in the Andes. Arequipa is one of the most popular destinations in Peru due to its history and variety of natural environments […]

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arequipa city

Best time to visit Arequipa Peru

Planning to visit Arequipa and not knowing when to go? Discover the best time to visit Arequipa and get a grateful experience. Arequipa is a gorgeous city in the Andes where people can enjoy the fresh air and do adventure and cultural activities. Not to mention, there is also a great historical and natural value […]

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misti volcano trek

Misti Volcano Trek: An unforgettable experience

Looking for the most adventurous trip in Arequipa?. The Misti Volcano trek will be a great choice. This journey full of adrenaline and beautiful views of the Andes awaits you. When we travel to Arequipa the first thing that captures our attention is definitely the Misti volcano. This huge volcano is one of the most […]

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canteras de sillar arequipa

Attractions in Arequipa: Ruta del Sillar

Among all the things to do in Arequipa, Las Canteras de Sillar have become one of the most significant attractions in the so-called White City. Make sure you know everything about the importance of this material during the colonial era, how to get to the quarries, and more. The White Ashlar has been a principal […]

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How to Get to Colca Canyon

2020 Updated Information: Learn all you need to know about how to get to Colca Canyon. What’s best, what to bring, what to expect and more! Once in Arequipa, you will want to visit the Colca Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world and the number one in South America. It’s a canyon of […]

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Top Things to Do in Arequipa

Arequipa is one of the most important cities of Peru. The so-called White City gathers the most exciting activities to do in this southamerican gem. Besides being home to the 2nd Deepest Canyon in the World, this region comprehends volcanos, sanctuaries, museums, history, and traditions. Learn everything you need to know about this beautiful city […]

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Quilotoa Lake Ecuador Hop

Ecuador Hop: New Travel Company in South America

If you’re looking to visit Ecuador on your trip to South America, Ecuador Hop is a new company you may be interested in. Sister companies Peru Hop and Bolivia Hop have been around already for a few years, building a strong reputation in those countries for their high level of service and unique style of […]

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White building constructed using sillar (ash from the surrounding volcanoes). Blue skies and one white cloud visible in the top right of image.

Museums in Arequipa: Discover Arequipa’s Rich Culture

Arequipa is rich with culture and history, which can be seen throughout the numerous museums in the city. These museums in Arequipa range from churches to exhibition areas to a memorial for an Inca girl that has been preserved for over 500 years. These museums allow the visitor to feel as though they’ve been transported […]

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Street of the Santa Catalina Monastery. Walls painted red and is lined with pots with green plants.

Santa Catalina Monastery: The Architectural Masterpiece

The Santa Catalina Monastery is renowned worldwide as a colonial architectural masterpiece. The monastery is home to many complex rooms, beautiful plazas, ornate fountains and winding cobblestone streets. As one of the most popular attractions in Arequipa, this is not one to be missed during your visit! This monastery was built in 1579 and was […]

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