Arequipa Weather & Festivities: Best Time to Visit

Arequipa Weather: 2024 updated information so that you can know when is the best time to visit the White City!

When traveling, the weather plays a huge role in how much you enjoy your trip and what things you get to do in the city you’re visiting, which is why it’s important to be prepared. Here we’ve created the perfect Arequipa weather guide so that you know when’s the best time to visit the city and all its major attractions like Colca Canyon, Misti Volcano, and more!

How’s the weather in Arequipa?

Compared to all other main regions in Peru, the weather in Arequipa is one of the most flawless weathers in the whole country. Situated at over 7,644 feet (2,330 m) above sea level, Arequipa is known for its consistent clear skies and sunshine with occasional rainfall, making it pleasant to visit all year round.

There are basically 2 seasons that make up the year:

arequipa climate

Dry season

Thankfully, the dry season makes up most of Arequipa’s weather during the year. From the months of April to November, the region presents very low humidity, no rainfall, and temperatures that, although practically the same as summer, can feel a little colder due to the dryness of the air.

Here, you’ll get to experience the best of Arequipa. The colors are more vibrant and the pleasant warmth during the day makes it perfect for exploring the city and grabbing something to eat in the main square.

During the dry season, you can practically do everything including treks to Colca Canyon and Misti Volcano, outdoor sports like white water rafting, or basically any other tour or activity.

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Arequipa during the dry season

Rainy season

From December to March, you’ll come across an Arequipa with more clouds, some rain, and higher humidity. Even though the weather is not ideal to practice some outdoor activities, you can still enjoy the city.

As previously mentioned, Arequipa weather tends to be almost perfect all year round, with rainy season months having an average minimum temperature of 30ºF (10ºC) and an average maximum of 50ºF (20ºC).

If you are traveling at this time of year, we recommend bringing warm layers of clothing. Mainly impermeable jackets since the rains – if unlucky – can be constant. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about. The low temperatures as you have seen are not as extreme as other destinations (Puno for example) and still allows for you to make the most of the city. If you are the kind of person who loves rainy and chilly days, you will have the best time in Arequipa.

Cultural festivities

Since Arequipa has a rich culture, there are numerous festivities organized throughout the year. If you are the kind of person who likes participating in socio-cultural activities, these events will be for you.

Arequipa’s anniversary

Take place on August 15th, the foundation of the city is celebrated with numerous fairs, fireworks, tourist and recreational activities, among other things. Even some days before, the city prepares with some traditional events like serenatas and parties. It’s an environment full fill of joy and dances all over the place. Certainly, this is the time of the year when people like to express their traditions in a big way.

Arequipa's Anniversary Day

Virgen of Chapi celebration

The feast of the Virgin of Chapi is a Christian celebration that has a great impact on the people of Arequipa. Its key and central celebration is every year on May 1st. Here, the parishioners travel 15 kilometers on foot to the district of Polabaya, where their temple is located, for the devotion that overwhelms them and in payment for the kindness that the divinity provides them. Singing beautiful songs in homage to the Virgin, along with different prayers to her.

Virgen of Chapi Temple

Arequipa’s Carnivals

Arequipa’s Carnivals is an important celebration where different cultural activities are included. The presence of the water games is unavoidable, together with the graffiti and the typical exclusive dances of this festivity make this attraction a very fun experience. It takes place between the end of February and the beginning of March.

Arequipa carnivals

As you have seen, there are certain factors that make the best time to visit Arequipa. Examine all your options and set a date when you feel more comfortable to travel to this beautiful destination. Whatever the day, you will end up falling in love with this city in the Andes.

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