Ecuador Hop: New Travel Company in South America

If you’re looking to visit Ecuador on your trip to South America, Ecuador Hop is a new company you may be interested in. Sister companies Peru Hop and Bolivia Hop have been around already for a few years, building a strong reputation in those countries for their high level of service and unique style of travel. In February 2019, Ecuador Hop will begin service and attempt to bring those standards to one more country. This new service will bring travelers to some incredible destinations, including: Baños, Montañita, Cotopaxi Volcano and Quilotoa Lake. We are huge fans of the “hop” concept. Read on to find out why.

What is Hop On Hop Off?

Ecuador Hop is Ecuador’s first “hop on hop off” bus company. The idea of a hop on hop off bus is to combine the benefits of a guided tour (such as seeing things that are hard to reach without a guide) with the freedom of independent travel. Buses take you to all of the main cities and popular attractions, but also make stops at lesser-known destinations to give you the chance to see the real Ecuador.

Your pass is valid for one year for the whole route, which leaves you the flexibility to stay longer at a destination if you like it, and move on whenever you’re ready. Hop off at a destination, stay as long as you want, then just hop back on and continue onto the next destination. Ecuador Hop buses also pick you up directly from your hostel or hotel in Quito, removing the hassle of having to look for the right terminal in a strange city. You just get up, leave your hostel/hotel and you’re already on your way to the next destination–perfect for independent travelers!

Traveling With Ecuador Hop

We are very excited to try out this new company. If Ecuador Hop’s standards are comparable to their sister company Peru Hop, this is going to be an amazing option for travel in Ecuador. Services begin in February 2019, just a few weeks away. For more information about Ecuador Hop including the option to book a route, make sure to visit their website at

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