Peru is commonly referred to as “The Food Capital of South America” and for good reason too! A distinct feature of Peruvian food is the blend of traditional cooking styles with newer influences, resulting in a unique combination of flavors and influences. As a result of these unique cooking styles, Arequipa boasts some of the best restaurants in South America. Along with typical Peruvian dishes such as ceviche and lomo saltado, Arequipa has a number of regional dishes and ingredients that are totally different from anything you’ve ever tried before!

Top 5 Restaurants

ZigZag Restaurant

This stylish restaurant offers Peruvian cuisine with European influences. The building itself is a 2-story colonial house with stained glass windows and a spiral staircase designed by Gustave Alexandre Eiffel. ZigZag is undoubtedly an upscale restaurant but it is not unaffordable, with mains priced from 33-45 soles. ZigZag will help you understand why Peru is known as South America’s culinary capital.

Calle Zela 210, Arequipa, Peru


The decor and menu at this traditional restaurant pay homage to the country’s Inca and Spanish roots. Chicha prides itself on its use of fresh local produce to create inspired renditions of classic recipes. Some of its most popular dishes are: River Prawns (in season from April to December), Alpaca burgers and Lomo Saltado (strips of beef stir-fried with tomatoes, onions, potatoes and chilis). If you fancy trying local cuisine in a character-filled restaurant, then this Arequipa restaurant is for you. Prices of main courses in this restaurant range from 24-49 soles

Santa Catalina 210 Cercado, Arequipa, Peru

El Buda Profano

This vegan sushi bar is located in the historic center of Arequipa and is frequented by both tourists and locals alike. Easily one of the best up-and-coming Arequipa restaurants! A fantastic option for vegans/non-vegans alike.

Calle Bolivar 425, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru


This restaurant offers a huge array of potato-based dishes topped with a range of other ingredients (Alpaca, chorizo and veg). This place is every potato-lover’s paradise … and your wallet will also thank you for eating here with prices ranging from 11-15 Soles.

Calle Ugarte, 208, Arequipa, Peru

Misti Sushi Fusion

Misti Sushi Fusion is widely regarded as “the best sushi in Arequipa.” Mouth-watering dishes are created through the unique fusion of Peruvian tastes and traditional sushi cooking techniques. Delicious food, friendly staff and affordable prices land Misti Sushi Fusion n our list of top 5 restaurants in Arequipa.

Avenida Quinones - Mz. F Lt. 11, Los Cedros, Yanahuara - Arequipa, Arequipa, Peru


One of Arequipa’s most famous dishes, chupe de camarones, uses crayfish or river shrimp, and you’ll find many dishes utilizing trout from local streams as well. Despite its location in the mountains, Arequipa’s surrounding region also has a substantial length of Pacific coastline, allowing fresh seafood and ocean fish to be brought to the city daily. Take advantage of this fantastic mix of fish and seafood at one of these top-rated restaurants below:

Blas Cocina Nikkei

Calle Manuel Ugarteche 300, Arequipa

Sr. Cameron

Jose Olaya 401, Cerro Colorado, Arequipa

Mares y Carbon Cevicheria

Av Andres Martines 410, Urb. Vallecito, Arequipa

Barrio Picante Cevicheria

Calle Castilla 205, Urb. Municipal Arequipa

El Tio Dario

Callejon del Cabildo, 100 Yanahuara, Arequipa

Restaurante El Negro

Urb. Tahuaicany D-37, Sachaca, Arequipa


Republica de Chile s/n La Negrita, Arequipa La Negrita

Ty’nkay Restaurant

Calle Manuel Urgateche 300, Arequipa


Avenue Trinidad Moran I-10 / Leon Xiii - Cayma Arequipa

Chef Bastiani

Calle Jerusalen 402 Cercado, Arequipa

Mamacocha Cebicheria

Calle Las Orquideas 101, Cayma District Arequipa

Chicha por Gaston Acurio

Calle Santa Catalina 210, int 105, Arequipa Arequipa


Avenida Victor Andres Belaunde 425 Arequipa

El Barco Cevicheria

Urb. Alto de Luna E 10 iV Etapa Arequipa

North Sea Fish & Seafood

Urb. Lanificio No. 101, Arequipa

El Camaroncito

San Francisco 303, Cercado Arequipa

Cevicheria Fory Fay

Thomas 221, Arequipa

Las Conchitas

Av. San Martin No. 200, Vallecito, Cercado, Arequipa


Ricardo Palma, 111, Umacollo Arequipa

El mar de Copas

Parque Bolognesi 129, Islay, Mollendo 054 Arequipa


Urb. Santa Beatriz A-1-A Yanahuara, 54,

Achorado AQP

231 Puente Bolivar st. Umacollo Arequipa

El Cebillano

Calle Quezada 112 anahuara, Arequipa

Tony’s Romas

Av. Ejercito 1009, Arequipa

Embarcadero 41

Mall Plaza Arequipa


Avenida V a Belaunde Arequipa

El Periko

Calle Los Zafiros F-3, Urb. Los Angeles, Arequipa

El Velero

Calle San Agustin 302 Arequipa

Tio Coco

Urb. Bancarios G-10, Arequipa

El Erizo

Av. Principal S/N Bellavista Hunter, Arequipa

Manos Norteñas

Calle Cultura Tiahuanaco, Urb, Arequipa

Purito Limon

Av. Venezuela 126 Ferroviarios, Arequipa

Fuerte Marina

Av 27 de Noviembre 808-A Arequipa

La 69 Cevicheria

Calle Brasil 100, Arequipa

Orgullo Norteño

Av. Arequipa 230, Arequipa


Av. Venezuela 126 Ferroviarios, Arequipa

Pasta & Pizza

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food worldwide and you will find that Peru is no exception! Arequipa boasts a plethora of excellent options for lovers of pizza and pasta, many incorporating unique and interesting local ingredients. Check out one of these great options below.

Pasta Canteen

Calle Puente Grau - 300, Arequipa

La Queseria Craft Cheese

Pasaje Violin 101 F | Campo Redondo, Arequipa

La Pizzeria Ristorante

Calle San Francisco 117 | Frente al BBVA Arequipa

Pizza Hut

En el Parque Lambramani Arequipa

1900 Pub y Pizzeria

General Moran 118 | Primer Pátio, Segundo Piso

La Queseria Craft Cheese

Pasaje Violin 101 F | Campo Redondo, Arequipa

La Pizzeria Ristorante

Calle San Francisco 117 | Frente al BBVA Arequipa

Pizza Hut

Parque Lambramani Arequipa

Il Fornellino

Calle Melgar 108 Arequipa

La Luciernaga

Av. Cayma No. 512 | Second floor Arequipa

Taperia Bocateria Enrique

Jerusalen 212 cercado, Arequipa

La Pizzeria de la Hosteria

Parque Lambramani Arequipa

Antica Pizzeria

Jose Abelardo Quinones E-5, Arequipa

Cat Bistro

Av. San Martin 200-A Arequipa

Pizza Dominos

Av Andres Martines 410, Urb. Vallecito Arequipa

Misti Pizza

Campo redondo 100-c san lazaro, Arequipa

Dobre's Restaurant

San Francisco 205 | Downtown Arequipa

Restaurante La Italiana

Calle San Francisco 303 - 305, Arequipa

Los Leños Pizza y Pastas

Jerusalen 407, Arequipa

Peruita Pizzeria & Vino

Palacio Viejo, 321 A, Arequipa

Marengo Pizzeria

Calle Santa Catalina 221, Arequipa

La Pizzeria de la Nonna

Calle San Francisco 216, Arequipa

Plus Cafe

Calle San Jose 115 Arequipa

Brunno Pizzeria

San Francisco 205 Cercado Arequipa

Los Girasoles Rest. Vegetariano

Av. Lambramani, 112 | Urb. Alvarez Thomas E-2,

Benvenuto Ristorante

Av. Quinones F-13 | Urb. Los Cedros, Arequipa

Pizzerias Presto

Av. Ejercito 117 | Av. Emmel Yanahuara Arequipa


Av. Victor A. Belaunde D- 24 | D-24 Yanahuara Arequipa


Calle San Francisco 208 | Cercado Arequipa

Inkari Pub

Pasaje Catedral,113, Arequipa

Sabor Napolitano

Pasaje Santa Rosa 126 - Cercado, Arequipa


Calle Portal de Flores 124 Arequipa

Jean Dainty

Il Romano, Arequipa, Peru

Big Pizza

Calle Sucre 304-B | Cercado, Arequipa

Alla Bella Roma

Av. Argentina # 405 | Apima-Paucarpata, Arequipa

Que Rico AQP

Calle Manuel Urgateche 300, Arequipa

Healthy Food

Peru is not typically known as a haven for healthy eaters, with most typical fare consisting of massive portions of rice and meat. With that said, Arequipa happens to be an oasis for health-conscious eaters and dieters. You’ll find no shortage of vegan and vegetarian options either (make sure to try solterito, a traditional dish of chopped vegetables). Check out one of these great healthy options below.

El Fuego de San Antonio

Calle Jerusalen 402 | Primer Piso, Arequipa, Peru

Espacio Lagom

Av. Jose Olaya 401, Cerro Colorado, Arequipa

La Surtida

Calle Jerusalen 306-C Cercado, Arequipa

Verde Bebidas y Salud

Pasaje Los Cristales 102, Arequipa

Sante Restaurant

Leon Velarde 213, Arequipa 04000, Peru


Calle Portal de la Municipalidad 124

El Barril AQP

Jerusalen 218 Yanahuara | 218 Yanahuara, Arequipa

El Tio Dario

Callejon del Cabildo # 100 | Yanahuara, Arequipa, Peru

Salamanto Restaurante

Calle San Francisco 211 | Cercado

Arthur Restaurant

Plaza Campo Redondo, Pasaje Violin 102 San Lazaro


Calle Bolivar 107 - Interior | Cercado, Arequipa, Peru


Calle las Orquideas 104 | Local 1, Cayma, Arequipa

El Perla

Avenida Victor Andres Belaunde 401, Arequipa 054


Urbanizacion Santa Beatriz A-1-A Yanahuara, Arequipa

Bio Snack Organico

Calle San Jose 101, Arequipa 04001

Piscigranja Don Piero

Urb. El Palacio, I C-12, Arequipa, Peru


Churrasco, a Spanish term referring to seasoned and grilled meat which is similar to the concept of barbecue, is a staple of Arequipa’s cuisine. Churrasquerías serve up a wide selection of meats along with various sides. Be sure to visit one of these great options while you’re in town.

Zig Zag Restaurant

Calle Zela 210, Arequipa, Peru

El Fuego de San Antonio

Calle Jerusalén 402 i | Primer Piso, Arequipa, Perú

El Barril AQP

Jerusalen 218 Yanahuara | 218 Yanahuara, Arequipa


av Salaverry N103, Chivay, Peru


Calle Ugarte 207 - 208 Inside Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán, Arequipa

Lazos - Parrilla de Zingaro

San Francisco 313- 315, Arequipa 04000, Perú

El Gaucho Parrilladas

Calle Emmel 121 | Emmel 121, Yanahuara, Arequipa, Perú

Gonzalette El Asador

Zela 201, Arequipa, Perú

Corte Azul

Calle Misti 403, Arequipa, Perú

Chicken Palace

Alvarez Thomas, 118 (Alvarez Thomas / Palacio Viejo),

Alejandro Sangucheria

Av. Victor A. Belaunde D- 24 | D-24 Yanahuara, Arequipa


San Francisco 309, Cercado, Arequipa , Arequipa 04001

Chef Parrillero Grill

Urb. Los Rosales B-2 Avenida Dolores J.L.B y R | A 1/2 Cuadra Del Ovalo Del

El Ekeko

Mercaderes 141, Real Plaza, Arequipa 054


Urb. Valencia C-17 - Yanahuara, Al Frente Del

Casta Fior

Avenida Francisco Bolognesi 106


A picantería is a type of restaurant popular in the cities of Arequipa and Cusco. These traditional restaurants generally serve up a spicy dish called picante (hence the name of picantería) along with soups and chicha de jora (Andean corn beer). This type of establishment is practically an institution in Arequpia, and paying a visit to one is one of the best ways to experience the food and culture of Arequpia. Check out one of these great options listed below.

La Capitana

Calle Los Arces 209, Arequipa 21385, Perú

La Nueva Palomino

Leoncio Prado 122 | Yanahuara, Arequipa, Perú

Alma Restaurant & Bar

Calle Ugarte 403, Arequipa 54, Perú

La Trattoria del Monasterio

Santa Catalina 309, Arequipa, Perú

La Benita De Characato

plaza principal de characato Arequipa, Perú

Picanteria la Mundial

Lucas Poblete 211, Arequipa | A Una Cuadra Del Hospital

La palomino

Calle Misti 400, Arequipa, Perú

Picanteria La Lucila

Calle Grau #147 | Sachaca, Arequipa, Perú

La Benita de los Claustros

Calle Moran 118 | Int. 13, Primer Patio.

La Cau Cau

Avenida Fernandini 131 | Sachaca, Arequipa, Perú

Picantería La Dorita

Cuesta del Ángel 405 | A una cuadra de la Plaza


Calle Santa Catalina 210, int 105, Arequipa

Tradicion Arequipena

Avenida Dolores 111, Arequipa, Perú

Restaurant Sol de Mayo

Calle Jerusalen 207 | Yanahuara, Arequipa 04017

Picanteria Laurita Cau Cau

Av Andres Martines 410, Urb. Vallecito, Arequipa


calle Tronchadero, 212 | Yanahuara, Arequipa, Perú